I Am Not a Blogger

I am not a blogger.

Even though I have a blog, pay for it every year, and really want an awesome blog full of useful and excellent content, there is a problem that has kept me back from blogging:

I don’t believe that I am a blogger.

James Clear, in his incredible book Atomic Habits talks about the idea of “Identity-Based Habits”. These are habits that spring naturally from an identity. If you believe you are a fisherman, then the habit of fishing follows naturally. I want a blog, but I don’t believe that I am a blogger. That’s sort of a problem.

I do however believe that I am someone who shares what they know and love

There is a big difference between the phrase “I am a blogger” and “I am someone who shares content on my blog”. Both are identity statements, but the first one stresses me out and the second one excites me. To me “a blogger” is someone who is committed. Someone who does this thing and does it often and does it well. Someone who doesn’t stop. Ever.

Blog, you blogger!



But I really want to have a place where I regularly share what I know, pour out ideas, tools, apps, books, courses, movies, songs, artwork, and whatever else I find interesting and think might benefit others. So I have decided that I am a “sharer” instead of a “blogger”.

Ahhh…be gone stressful commitment monster of death…

Isn’t this just Semantics? Maybe. But it makes all the difference. One identity I totally relate to and the other I want nothing to do with. I am not a blogger, but I absolutely love sharing stuff with others that I am excited about. When I come upon something great, I want others to know about it, dang it. I want to share it. Even if I am blown away by something awesome, if I don’t share it, you can’t benefit from it and that sucks.

So I have decided to get better at sharing.

I am not going to get all stressed about keeping this thing up. This blog is just a tool, it is not a master. But it is here and ready for me to share, hoping that you will be stoked out of your mind on something the way I get when I find something worth sharing.

I am a sharer.

And there is a lot of awesome stuff to share about.

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