Spring Sing 2018

2018-06-11 | The annual Spring Sing was awesome. It was Marley’s final one!

Marley 11th Birthday

Marley’s first sleepover birthday! It was, um, loud. And awesome. But yeah, loud.

Marley First Day of 6th Grade

2018-08-28 | Marley is in Jr High!! Some fun photos of Marley, Bridget and Vivian on their first day of middle school. Thank you Heather Equitz for these great photos!

Last Day of School 2018

2018-06-14 | Marley’s last’s day of 5th Grade and at Rose Drive, Blaise last day of 2nd Grade

Rose Drive Awards 2018

2018-06-13 | Marley and Blaise get rewards at the end of Marley’s 5th Grade and Blaise’s 2nd Grade Year at Rose Drive